Top Business in Philippines for the year 2015

Maybe you’re wondering what would be the most efficient way to earn money in Philippines for the year 2015? Here are some of the businesses that might hit in Philippines this coming year 2015.


1.Buy and Sell Online- This business will likely sure hit the Philippines again this 2015.Buy and sell of any thing or things is one of the best way to earn money. It might be from a small stuff like cellphone and laptops to a second hand/brand new  car or to a house and lot property.

2. Online Store- Another and effective way to earn money in the Philippines is to own an online store or online market. It’s the most fast growing industry in the country because most of the Filipinos are pretty much hooked with the online community nowadays. Online store in Philippines can be made through social media sites like facebook and instagram or you can create your own website to sell your products online.

3.Cellphone loading business- Being the texting capital of the world having an e-load business in the Philippines is still a very good way of making money. V-mobile and Load central are two of the known companies that sells load on all telecom networks plus prepaid game card.

4. Food Cart Franchising- Franchising a Food Cart is one of the popular business in the Philippines. This type of business requires a small capital to start to. Food cart franchising has different packages to choose from  it’s really up to you on what type of food cart franchise you will get.

5. Ukay-ukay store business- Used clothes, shoes and any other second hand stuff can be a good source of income in Philippines. It’s been practice by some Filipinos because of being cheap in prices compared to the ones inside the mall.

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