Top 5 Things to do for Christmas.

Christmas is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ celebrated every December 25. The day is the most awaited moment for kids and also for all of us. So What was your plans? There are so many things to do during this day. The most important is to celebrate this day with your whole family and love ones.

Top 5 Things to do for Christmas.
1. Go to Church to attend Mass – This is the first thing to do because it is the birthday of our Savior, celebrate it with the whole family by praying and saying thank you for all the blessings you receive. Before christmas Filipino attend Simbang Gabi (Nine days before Christmas), a tradition of Filipinos wherein there is a saying that if you complete attending Simbang Gabi, wish and this can be granted.

2. Visit some place wherein you can feel the Christmas season,  cold places like Tagaytay. It has many tourist spots wherein anyone should enjoy like riding a horse, picnic, riding a boat to see the taal lake and etc.

Here are some places in Tagaytay:

Picnic Grove – Located in Sungay, See the splendid panoramic view of Taal Lake and Volcano. About 10 km east of Tagaytay, on Mt Sungay (750m) the Viewpoint Complex was built. It is good for picnic, and horseback riding. There are many cottages in the area for rent wherein you can eat while seeing the view of Taal Lake. Additional to that is you can walk and took some pictures with the beautiful view of Taal. There are also some things to do in the area like Zipline and Cable car.

Sky Ranch– amusement park beside Taal Vista Hotel, Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City


Paradizoo – a theme park zoo where kids will enjoy because they can see a lot of animals wherein they can touch and interact with. There is also an animal show in the area.

Well I Think that three places will surely  make your itinerary fully loaded and fun.

3. Watch a Movie – Watch the annual Metro Manila Film Festival

4. Swimming at the Beach – You can go to beaches in Calatagan and Laiya Batangas. For additional beaches browse and take some time to research and read some reviews about other beaches near in your area.

5. Visit Amusement Parks like Enchanted Kingdom, Star City and some places like Ocean Park.

Enjoy and plan your Christmas Itinerary now! Hope this idea will help you.
The Joy of Christmas is through praying, giving, and loving!
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