Top 10 Best Internet Web Browser 2013

Top 10 Best Internet Web Browser 2013

Most of us want to experience a much freeware faster browser when it comes to web browsing.  There is 10 top browser that is commonly use by most of us. Approximately there is 500+ Internet web browsers.

Google Chrome

Google chrome is developed by Google September 2008. It aims is to be secure, fast and simple web browsing experience. Itsupported 43 laguages including English, Turkish, Pilipino and etc..

google chrome


Firefox was began as an experimental branch of Mozilla project by Dave Hyatt, Joe Hewitt and Blake Ross. This was released November 2004. As a user in able to use other function in Mozilla Firefox you need to install add ons.

mozilla firefox

Internet Explorer

Internet explorer is a web browser developed by Microsoft.Its version are available in later service packs. It has a series of graphical web browsers, The latest version is the Internet Explorer that adds more feautures and more stable to use unlike the other first series of Internet Explorer. This was designed to view all kinds of web pages for window customers.

internet explorer 11



Opera is one of the oldest web web internet browser in the world. This was released year 1997 with its web browser version 2.1 . This was developed by a norweigan Company Opera Software ASA. August 2005 when company introduced Opera mini for mobile phone.

opera web browser


Maxthon were also known as MyIE2 and renamed year 2003 as Maxthon, just like other browser it is a freeware web browser. Maxthon browser can be used in Windows and Mac OS X. Maxthon has different Version starting from Version 1.x to Version 4.x that was released December 2012. It has also a version of Maxthon that is used for mobile phone  this was released year 2010.

maxthon browser

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