Things to do when there is an incoming storm in Philippines.

Storm or Typhoon is one of the major calamity that brings disaster to Philippines.It’s caused by hot and cold air colliding that produces clouds filled with strong  wind and heavy rain. It’s a natural calamity that Philippines faces every year.

So here are  the things to do when there’s a incoming storm or typhoon in your area.

1.Be aware- Awareness is one of the most important thing to do for you not to panicked when there is an incoming storm. Knowing if there’s a storm that will hit your area is one of the best factor that will help you in time when your power is gone. Watch tv news,listen to radio or check online on what’s happening to your area. If you need to evacuate the please do so. Don’t take chances and risks your life and your family.

2.Be Prepared- Now that you are aware of what’s going to happen being prepared when the storm comes will benefit you in many ways. It will save you time,money and it will give you less headache when the storms hits your area.

3.Store enough Food and Water-  While the storm is hitting your area hard. Having enough food and water supply stored is the most important thing to do. Can goods, instant or ready to eat meals and bottled waters are should be kept in your houses when the storm comes.

4.Charge all your electronic gadgets-  Charging your i-pad,tablets,laptops and especially your mobile phones or cellphones will be a  great help to you if ever the power is out while the storm is still hitting your area.

5.Source of Light- Alternative source of light is necessary when there’s a storm because power outage will surely follows. Flashlights, Candle light and Lamps are few of the alternative source of light. LED lights ran by Solar panels and generators are the other two sources of light. It’s a must to have this in times of storm.

6.Don’t Panic!- Stay calm and alert in times of storm panicking won’t do anything good. It might bring you and your family members life at risks.

7.Pray- Praying that the storm will stop giving disaster to our area is one of the best tool. Remember that there’s nothing Impossible if you ask Him(God) for help.


There you have it some of the basic ways to do when a storm hits your area.

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