Pinoyreviews: Franchising Tips

Franchising is a popular business right now in the Philippines. Most of the old and new entrepeneur are doing this kind of business. A low capital and a good business strategy it will sure pay you back.

First thing to consider in going to this business is what type of franchise you would like to do. It might be on food, electronics, computers etc.

Second you need to make sure your capital has a back up money for the next 6 months expenses on everything. Because you don’t know if the business franchise will pick it’s phase or not. It’s better to have a back up plan (money).


Third you need to have patience on the ROI or return of income. It doesn’t mean that you franchise a known or popular product it will return your investment right away. You need to wait patiently.

Fourth, once the franchise business picks up and doing well on the income. You need to maintain the income your getting or plan ahead on how to boost it more.

Fifth, Plan for you next franchise. You could stick to the old franchise you have or rather try a new franchise.

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