Pinoy Business with Low Capital Investment “Coffee Vending Machine”

Today some Filipinos need an extra income because of the increasing daily expenses. One of the Business with Low capital is a “Coffee Vending Machine”. In this kind of business one must find a location which you think more suitable for the business. This kind of business can be placed near a busy street, internet cafe, billiard hall and etc., You can find some dealers of different coffee bending machine in the internet with just a little bit search and click. As a result of my research., I found out that some of the bending machine cost oP16,000 or P19,500 for two to three flavors package.

Example Package:

The basic package for P16,000 has free 2 kilos of coffee mix and 2 kilos of chocomix with 400 cups while for P19,500, it covers free 2 kilos of coffee, 2 kilos of choco, and 2 kilos of cappuccino mix with 600 cups. depending on the package of the distributor.

In some studies the return of investment within 3 to 4 months since a gross profit per cup is at P2.11 and could reach P6,330 monthly with 100 cups sold daily.

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