Lineage 2 Revolution Leveling tips and tricks “when to use red diamonds?”

Here’s the question of most Lineage 2 Revolution players. When to use red diamonds? Well the answer is really depending on your game style. Let me give you a quick definition of red diamonds. Red diamonds is one of the in-game currency that can be used to reset daily dungeons, sub quest, arena and etc. Now when to use it? Here are 4 tips and tricks guide on how or when to use red diamonds in Lineage 2 Revolution.

1. Fast Leveling-

If your goal is to level your character fast. Then using red diamonds is the most effective way to gain huge amount of exp. You can reset sub quest and extend your hot time. Each day you are allowed to reset your sub-quest three times, it will cost 50 red diamonds per reset. Here’s the link to how to reset your sub quest. Extending your hot time can be done with the use of red diamonds. Every day you have 30mins free hot time on elite dungeons and 90mins extend time. Meaning you can purchase or buy 15 mins hot time with red diamonds for 90 minutes max per day that will cost 100 red diamonds every 15 minutes hot time extend. Here’s another link on how to extend your hot time in elite dungeons.

2. Sub-stats Reset.

Weapon, Armors and Accessories has sub-stats. Red diamond is use to reset this sub-stats to aquire the specific stat that you need to improve your equipment sub-stats.

3. Daily dungeons reset.

Red diamond is use to reset daily dungeon. Two resets per day is given and it will cost 100 red diamond on first reset and 200 red diamond on second reset. One reset is allowed for different day and it will cost 200 red diamond as well.

4. Inventory Slot.

Yes! You need to buy inventory slot to expand it. And you will need to use red diamonds in expanding your inventory. Each slot will cost you 16 red diamonds. So imagine if the max inventory slot is 500 then you need 8000 red diamonds.


Watch the video below “when to use red diamonds?”

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