Lineage 2 Revolution Leveling tips and tricks “Soul-Crystal”

In Lineage 2 Revolution there’s an item where you can get additional stats. And that is by obtaining soul-crystal. Soul-crystal adds up stat when equipped with your armors, accessories and weapon.  Each soul-crystal has specific stats and it has designated slots for armors, accessories and weapon.

In this post is a beginner’s guide on how to understand more how the soul-crystal system works in Lineage 2 Revolution.

There are nine types of soul crystal.  Soul Crystal of Attack, Soul Crystal of Accuracy, Soul Crystal of Critical Rate, Soul Crystal of Critical Resist, Soul Crystal of Defense, Soul Crystal of Evasion, Soul Crystal of Hp, Soul Crystal of Penetration and Soul Crystal of  Resilience.

Soul-crystal has six grades/levels C, B, A, S, R and SR. You can upgrade your soul-crystal by using the soul-crystal itself and Adena.

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