Lineage 2 Revolution Leveling tips and tricks for beginners “Elite Dungeons”

Elite dungeons of Lineage 2 Revolution is one of the exp quests that is needed to complete every day. You will get a huge amount of exp, especially if you will enter it when you’re on “Hot Time” mode.

In Hot Time, once you enter the elite dungeon you have thirty minutes of 4x exp and 4x drop rate. You need to be in full party in order to maximize the thirty minutes hot time.

And Elite Dungeons is the place for Soul-Crystal farming. Grade C and B are the most common loot for both equipment and soul-crystal in the elite dungeon.

Aside from soul-crystal, proof of blood and red star stone are the items that drop in elite dungeons. Proof of Blood is needed to level your clan while on the other hand the red star stone is used for re-setting clan instance dungeon.

There are monster codex drop as well on Elite dungeons but some dungeons have 2 or 3 codex that you need to complete.

Watch the video below Lineage 2 Revolution leveling tips and tricks for beginners “Elite Dungeon”.

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