Lineage 2 Revolution Leveling tips and tricks how to enhance RARE weapon from +20 to +25!!

In this guide, you will learn how I managed to enhance my RARE weapon from +20 to +25 in Lineage 2 Revolution. Enhancing your equipment such as Weapon, Armors and Accessories is necessary for giving your character a high combat power and high value of stats. This is a beginners guide for enhancing your equipment in Lineage 2 Revolution.

The requirements for enhancing an equipment in Lineage 2 Revolution, are enhance scrolls, maphr’s  stone and Adena. There are three types of enhancing scrolls in-game. These are Scroll: Enhance Weapon for weapons, Scroll: Enhance Armor for armors and Scroll: Enhance Accessory for accessories. Enhancement scrolls has two kinds, Blessed scrolls and the regular enhance scroll. Blessed scrolls are the enhance scrolls that will give you a random upgrade from +1 to +3.  For the regular enhance scrolls, this scroll only gives you a +1 effect on each use.

By doing the enhancement of any equips or gear, you need to spend Adena and Scrolls. On each level, there are a certain amount of Adena and enhancement scrolls that are needed. Maphr’s stones or Maphr’s Protection is used to safeguard your item level if the enhancement fails. And the higher the enhance level of your item, the percentage of enhancement success rate goes down as well.

Watch the video below to see how I enhance my RARE weapon from +20 to +25.

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