How to increase your BP/Battle Points in Dragon Nest M SEA part 2 “MONIKER”

Increasing the level of your Moniker is one of the option that you need to do to increase your Battle Points and Stats in Dragon Nest M SEA.

Moniker is the Military Rank in this game. It greatly boost the Battle Points and gives additional stats on your character.

You need to reach the specific requirement before leveling your Moniker. The requirement for leveling your Moniker can be found at “Promotion Condition”.  Check the picture below for reference.

Once you reached that Promotion Condition all you need to do is click the Promotion button and your Moniker level will level up.

Battle Points, Battle Medal and Palace Medal are the Promotion condition that are needed to level your Moniker.


Palace Medal you can buy it from Guild Auction House and World Auction House and as for Battle Medal it can be bought on Saint Shop, Guild Auction and World Auction house. You need Dragon Coins to do the purchase.


Check the video below for additional game guide on leveling your Moniker.

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