How to increase BP/Battle Points in Dragon Nest M SEA part 4 “Heraldry”

Another method on how to increase your BP/ Battle Points in Dragon Nest M Sea is through HERALDRY. This option gives your character a battle point boost and stats as well.

You will need Metal Plate to craft a Heraldry. Metal plate can be found or looted at Daily Feature “Boss Rush”. This Metal plate has three grades A,B and C as the lowest among three.

Gold is needed too in crafting Heraldry. The metal plate is an unbound item even after you craft it to Heraldry it will remain unbound. So you can sell it at the Bazaar if the Heraldry you crafted is not the one you need.

There is a chance as well that you will craft a Heraldry with a third attribute. The third attribute can be unlocked by paying 120 dragon coins.

Watch the video below for the game mechanics of HERALDRY.

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