How to get “SKILL HERALDRY” on Dragon Nest M SEA

Skill Heraldry is the another attribute enhance for your class in Dragon Nest M SEA. It enhances the skill effect and it will give you higher Battle Points if the skill heraldry’s quality is higher once equipped.

There are two types of Skill Heraldry 

Damage type and Cool Down Reduction type.

Damage Type skill heraldry- it has 20% additional damage on every skill heraldry.

Cool Down Reduction Type skill heraldry- it has 10% cool down reduction on every skill heraldry.

Two ways on how to get the Skill Heraldry.

First method you can farm it at Apocalypse Nest or any other Nest. Skill Heraldry plate bag will be looted after you finish any Nest.

Second option is by buying it at the Skill Heraldry Shop. This time you will need skill heraldry shards before you can buy it. Grade A is the quality of Skill heraldry at the shop.

Go to SHOP scroll down and click “Skill Heraldry Shop”.

skill heraldry shards can be obtain by salvaging the skill heraldry plate.

Watch the video below for more information about “skill heraldry”.



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