How to get free Metal Costume in Dragon Nest M SEA costume combine game guide

Metal Costume is one of the popular costume in dragon nest m sea. It can be obtain by buying it with diamonds at the diamond shop or you can get it by doing a “Costume Combine”.

To do a costume combine. You need to have two pieces of the same part that you wanted to combine. Example if you want to costume combine a Metal Costume chest piece you need will need two pieces of permanent costume on chest piece.

Permanent costume can be acquire at Saint shop, Glory Shop, Dragon’s Lair, Personal Shop and Diamond Market.

The success rate of Metal Costume in combining is really low. It starts at 15% but in every fail costume combine additional 1% is added on the success rate.

That’s why you need to prepare the materials for costume combine. It will take you a lot of time but it is worth it when your costume combine succeeds.

Watch the video below for the Metal Costume combine game mechanics.

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