Dragon Nest M SEA part 5 How important “COOKING” is? game guide

Cooking is important! Cooking in Dragon Nest M sea is a MUST!

Because in cooking you can get cuisine which is a buff items that will increase your stats for at least a day. And special cuisine/buff for specific instance dungeon such as Boss Rush and Dark temple.

In order to do the Cooking in dragon nest M sea. You need to plant and fish. In planting you will get the recipe needed for cooking and the same goes for fishing.
The seeds and fish ingredients that are needed to cook in dragon nest m sea has different grades as well. A,B and C are the grades for the recipes.
You can buy these recipe at your Home Shop. Gold is use to buy the recipes.

There are 3 levels of cuisine. And there are cuisines that is specific only for your class. meaning your class is the only one that is able to Cook that cuisine.

Watch the video below for the game mechanics of Cooking in dragon nest m sea.


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