Dragon Nest M SEA-mobile how to level fast tips and tricks leveling guide

Dragon Nest M SEA is the mobile version of dragon nest on pc OBT release of this game is on April 16,2018. There are 6 classes on this game Warrior,Archer,Cleric,Sorceress,Assassin and Academic.

Here are some tips and tricks on leveling your character.

  • You need to look after your stamina. In Dragon Nest M SEA, stamina is an essential need and there is a stamina capacity in your character.  Meaning if you ran out of stamina you won’t be able to do any quest or instance dungeon.
  • Daily quests. Doing daily quest will give you tons of exp points that will get you to level your character faster. There are six different daily quests every day, each quest has specific amount of exp points that will greatly increase your character level. After you finished those six quest you can claim a reward with 15,000 exp points and green agate.
  • Abyss. This is the instance dungeon  in Dragon Nest M SEA. Here, you will get not only huge amount of exp points. Recipe for crafting also drops or you can loot in the Abyss. These recipe are needed to craft the Cerberus armor, weapon and sub-weapon set. Having a better set of gears will help you to level your character faster.
  • And lastly, just keep on repeating the quests on main missions until you ran out of stamina.

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