Dragon Nest M SEA how to increase your BP/Battle Points game guide part 3 “REFINE”

To increase your BP/Battle Points in Dragon Nest M SEA you need to do a gear REFINE. Armor, Accessories, Weapons and Sub-weapons has it’s own refine stone.

ATK Refine stone for weapons, sub weapons and accessories.

DEF Refine stone for armors.

The Refine stone should be on the same level with the equipment you are refining. If you’re refining equips with level 32 below Refine stone at level 32 is the one you need for both ATK and DEF stones.  For equipment that are level 33 above level 40 Refine stone for both ATK and DEF are needed.

If you have lower level of refine stones you can upgrade that to a higher level. Three level 32 DEF stones can be converted to one level 40 DEF stone.

ATK and DEF refine stones can be bought at Guild Shop, Abyss Shop,Dragon Coin Market and Diamond Market.

Watch the video below.

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