Dragon Nest M SEA how to increase your BP/Battle Points game guide part 1 “Enhance/Breakthrough”

Enhance and Breakthrough are the steps that you need to do in order to increase your BP/Battle Points in Dragon Nest M SEA. By doing the enhance and breakthrough additional stats are given to your character as well.

Enhance is needed to unlock set effect. Ten gears with the same level of enhance will activate the set effect and it’s every five enhance levels before you can activate the next set effect.

For example you have 10 gears with +5 enhance +5 set effect will be activated.  Then the next set effect will be unlocked on +10.

Green Agate is needed and Gold to enhance your equipment in Dragon Nest M SEA. Check the video below for enhance guide.

Watch the video below.

Breakthrough on the other hand can be done after you reach +20 and +40 on your gears.

Green Crystal is needed to breakthrough to +21.

Blue Crystal is needed to breakthrough to +41.

After you Breakthrough your gears. Now Blue agate is the item that you need to use in enhancing your gears to +40.

Green agate can be converted to Blue agate. You need three pieces green agate in order to have one blue agate.

Once a gear is breakthrough then three green agate is automatically converted to one blue agate every time you will enhance that gear.

Watch the video below to see how the game mechanics works.

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