Dragon Nest M Sea how to get Metal Costume “Costume Combine” game guide

Costume in dragon nest m sea is a great source of battle points and it gives your character or class an awesome appearance.

It has different attributes that will increase your stat points. Go to your closet to activate the costume that you would like to wear.

There are several ways on how to gain costumes.

Costume Fragment can be exchange at Personal Shop.

Glory Points and exchange it at Glory Shop.

Diamond Market you can buy costume from there as well.

Now lets talk about Costume combine. Once you bought a regular costume or low grade from the said shops. You are able to combine two pieces and make it to a high grade costume.

Metal Costume is a Grade A costume and pretty popular among the costume sets in game. You can have this through Costume Combine. If you don’t have enough diamonds in buying it at the Diamond Shop.

In order to do Costume Combine of Metal Costume. You will need two pieces of what ever piece of armor you are combining. For example if you want chest piece of Metal Costume you must have two pieces chest armor of whatever spare costume you have. There is success rate in costume combine but in every costume combine that fails. Additional success rate is added.

Watch the video below on how to get Metal Costume thru Costume Combine.

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