Dragon Nest M SEA how to enhance and breakthrough your weapon,armors and sub weapon tips and tricks game guide

Enhance and Breakthrough of your weapon,sub-weapon and armor set is a must in playing Dragon Nest M SEA. It will greatly boost your character stats and it is one of the main thing you need to have for you to get stronger in this game. Gold and Green Agate are the items that you need for enhancing weapon and armor  until +20.

Every time you have a successful enhancement on your gears, stats of that specific gear will increase. Once you reach +20, this is the time when you need to do the Breakthrough. You will use 8 pieces of Green Crystal to reach +21 on your gear. The success rate on breakthrough of gears is 100%. Then Blue Agate is the item that you will need in enhancing gears over +21.

A Reminder: The higher your weapon and set armor level the chance of enhancement goes really low. But if  you fail a 10% chance is added on your next try.

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