Black Desert Mobile release date game guide news and update

The most anticipated and one of the popular mobile game that’s been talked about early this year 2018 “Black Desert Mobile”.

Black Desert Mobile is the mobile counterpart of the highly grossed MMORPG Black Desert Online on PC with at least over 8 million registered users.

Pearl Abyss the creator of the Black Desert Online on PC. Is the same publisher and developer of the Black Desert Mobile. Currently Black Desert Mobile was release in South Korea and Taiwan.

But they are planning to release the SEA version of the game later this year Q3 2018 and the NA/EU servers around Q1 of 2019 for Android and IOS platforms. And Pearl Abyss is planning to release it on consoles as well similar to the release date of Black Desert Mobile.

For those players who are new to Black Desert Mobile this game is a MMORPG that will give players to explore an Open world. You will be able to do quest, pvp, dungeon raids, trade design your manor etc. And for the players that has an idea on how Black Desert game works it will give an awesome gaming experience from pc to mobile platform.

There will be classes/races on Black Desert Mobile.






Blade Master

As for the gaming quality of Black Desert Mobile players can customize a detailed look on their characters. The gaming experience in Black Desert Mobile is really awesome to the extent that you feel like you’re playing on PC. The minimum phone requirement in order to play Black Desert Mobile is to have at least similar specs to IPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5 and you need to have at least 3Gb space.

For players who cannot wait to play Black Desert Mobile you can download it here

this is the Korean version of Black Desert Mobile where it was first released.

watch the video below for Black Desert Mobile game trailer.

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